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Live on the Whistle Test

In colour
The Old Grey Whistle Test. How can you be on that show three times and not get rich? It took courage and a lot of luck.

The Marquee

In B&W
Gritty performance at The Marquee in 1977. Had inspiring conversation with Pete Townsend. 'Sing up, Jonny, this is a good tune', he cried, before lurching absent-mindedly into a potted plant.


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This website celebrates a band that has not existed for 40 years.

The Movies

A UK band of the 1970's


They were and probably still are deeply strange. They fit into no category, didn't play by the rules, and I have concluded that they came from another dimension.

Wherever they went, I was there. In the orange Transit up the M1, in the coach in snowbound Berlin, and waving at the NYPD from a corporate limo. With Tim Rose, Joan Armatrading, Supertramp. With Cecil Taylor at Scott's, and Roland Kirk in Boston.

I looked on when Mike Willis chucked a sofa five floors down a stairwell of the Griffin Hotel Leeds missing the chef by a whisker. Laugh? Oh the shame. Yes we did.

I always wondered what they were about, and I'm still not exactly sure. All I know is - I owe them a lot.

So it's time to pay a little back.



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PS2: new video clip unearthed, a good one. See:

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