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The one that got away. The American cover for the first album, not released in the US. But this cover still appears in the 'Album Cover Album' (Hipgnosis & Roger Dean, Dragon's World, 1977), on a page facing Janis Joplin, Ry Cooder, and Sandy Denny.

These were the days before CD. From 1975 to 1981 The Movies made five albums, in London, Cornwall, and New York.

A succession of record labels tried to squeeze a single from these albums. Rumour has it that Love is a Sacrifice (from the India album) made the top 10 in Portugal.

You can still find these records in catalogues and second-hand disc stores. Double A was recently seen going for 50p (in Brighton).

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Album 1:  The Movies The Movies Firefly (A&M) 1975
Produced by Pete Gage
Recorded at TPA, Rockfield, and Air Studios
Engineers: Chris Kimsey, Robin Freeman, Denny Bridges, Jonathan Kelly
  Album 2:  Double A Double A GTO (CBS) 1977
Produced by Ray Singer
Recorded at Advision Studios
Engineers: Paul Hardiman, James Guthrie
  Album 3:  Bullets Through The Barrier

Bullets through the barrier

GTO (CBS) 1978
Produced by James Guthrie
Recorded at Utopia Studios
Engineers: Damian Korner, Andrew Jackson
  Album 4:  India India GEM (RCA) 1980
Produced by the band and Simon Frazer
Recorded at Sawmills Studios
Engineer: Simon Frazer
  Album 5:  Motor Motor Motor Motor Motor Motor RCA Records 1981
Produced by the band
Recorded at RCA Studios, New York
Engineers: Mike Getlin, Ronnie Olson, Dennis Ferrante

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